SACIA Certification

The Council of Event

Professionals Africa


The Council of Events Professionals Africa (CEPA) was formed by the Exhibition and Event Association of Southern Africa (EXSA), the International Festivals and Events Association (IFEA) Africa and the Southern African Association for the Conference Industry (SAACI).

Membership of CEPA will require adherence to a Professional code of conduct/ethics that guides the actions of practitioners, provides evaluative criteria for self-assessments, informs the public of expected standards of professional practices and behaviour and details the disciplinary procedure against professional misconduct.

Practitioners within the Events Industry are expected to align all professional activities and practices to the legislation applicable to and regulating the industry.
This code of conduct is aimed at setting the principles underpinning their professional conduct whilst practising in a professional and skilled manner, using the knowledge and skills gained through their education, training and workplace experience.

The industry aims to set a minimum standard of practice for individuals wanting to enter the Event industry.

Certified practitioners must be trained to always act with the clients’ best interest at heart in compliance with all statutory requirements.

The industry ensures ongoing education of practitioners through a structured and self-regulated continuing professional development programme – CPD.
The industry ensures regular revision of this code of conduct in alignment with national and international good practice and standards.

Organisations representing the industry will strive to create an enabling environment for the professional conduct of practitioners, to ensure promotion of fair practice and protection of those working in the events industry.

We are not looking to override the requirements of the various codes of conduct for various events industry associations. Rather, we aim to enhance the holistic behavioural requirements of professionals who have met the national professional recognition requirement.

The objective of CEPA is to provide a quality control platform for professionals, clients and suppliers who are involved or want to be involved in the Events Industry.

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