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Full membership is open to any individual or organization involved in the communications industry within Africa. Corporate and institutional members include manufacturers, dealers, distributors, integrators, Universities, Corporations, Government departments, television stations, radio stations, news agencies, satellite operators and production houses. Individual membership is also available to people involved in these industries.

Affiliate membership (no voting rights) is available to suppliers of goods and services to the audiovisual sector, including media, exhibitions, banking, insurance, legal services, recruitment, etc.

In order to promote greater levels of diversity in our membership, we also offer discounted membership to start-up organisations (in the first two years of operation) and smaller enterprises (annual turnover less than R5 million).

All members receive a comprehensive package of services throughout the year, while sponsorships provide additional value-added benefits. Membership gives you a voice within the broadcast and AV community, including the right to elect industry representatives, gain access to market intelligence and industry research, participate in SACIA activities and participate in industry training & certification programmes.

Membership benefits:

Access to member-only events and activities
Discounts on SACIA training activities
Access to industry research and market intelligence
Free access to industry events
Participation in industry networking events
Voting rights at SACIA General Meetings

Membership costs:

Corporate membership
For organisations with an annual turnover >R5 million but <R50 million
Joining fee: ZAR 5,000.00* + Annual membership fee: ZAR 7,500.00*

Affiliate membership
Joining fee: ZAR 5,000.00* + Annual membership fee: ZAR 7,500.00*

Small enterprise membership
For organisations with annual turnover <R5 million
Joining fee: ZAR 2,500.00* + Annual membership fee: ZAR 3,750.00*

Individual membership
Joining fee: ZAR 500.00* + Annual membership fee: ZAR 500.00*

* all prices exclude VAT

SACIA Individual Members Handbook
SACIA Corporate Members Form
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