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Promoting professional standards and ethical business practice in the communications industry throughout Southern Africa.

The SACIA Education Council was established in 2016 in order to allow academics and training providers to collaborate with each other in establishing training standards, and to create learning pathways that allow students to articulate from informal to formal study. The Education Council is designed to:

  • Ensure common Quality Assessment on vocational training programmes delivered through an independent training provider or Sector Education Training Authority.
  • Encourage academics and industry professionals to earn and maintain a professional designation related to their field of specialisation.

  • Encourage Universities and TVET colleges to develop short courses aimed at industry professionals (with emphasis on scarce and critical skills in our industry).
  • Encourage industry professionals to mentor the next generation of film and video professionals.
  • Encourage employers to provide work-integrated learning opportunities for students enrolled in formal study, as well as internships for young graduates.
  • Validate professional development courses against industry standards and best-practice, and encourage industry professionals to embrace a commitment to continuing professional development.

SACIA is proposing to help build training capacity through a structured programme of training and mentorship that will see a progressive transfer of skill and knowledge to a younger generation.

Members of the Education Council are appointed from amongst those academic and training providers active within the Association (both formal and informal). Training providers interested in getting more involved in the Education Council are encouraged to contact

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