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Promoting professional standards and ethical business practice in the communications industry throughout Southern Africa.

SACIA Code of Professional Conduct

Members of SACIA who are practitioners and professionals practicing in the communications and entertainment industry are required to subscribe to the code of professional conduct.

Five values underpin this code, namely:

Honour: Showing respect for myself, my organisation, my industry and the community of clients that I serve by behaving in a manner that
favourably on my profession. Acting above reproach. Avoiding compromise of professional judgement by conflicts of

Integrity: Acting with honesty and openness. Displaying trustworthiness. Showing consistent good behaviour over time. Ensuring that my words and
actions correspond.

Reliability: Undertaking what I am competent to do and fulfilling commitments that I have made to my organisation, my industry and the community of
clients that I serve

Honesty: Being truthful and accurate when executing my job even when it sometimes might be difficult. Not misrepresenting my own or my
associate’s academic or professional qualifications. Only undertaking assignments that I am competent to perform by way of my education,
training and experience.

Accuracy: Ensuring that what I say, do and write are correct and reflect the information that is required to complete the job. Where this is not
possible, ensuring that my organisation or my client understand the factors that could influence the accuracy of the information I have

SACIA identifies that a practitioner interacts with various stakeholders when delivering their services. To this end, it is important that professional conduct be upheld when engaging with colleagues, peers, employers as well as industry role-players. To this end, a practitioner needs to uphold certain principles when practicing in this industry, namely:

Avoiding conflict of interest

This means understanding when a conflict of interest arises and speaking up to the parties present about the possible conflict to ensure that my integrity and honesty are not brought into question. This includes opportunities when I might be given information that I could use to my own advantage, but that could undermine my integrity and honesty.

Building and enhancing relationships

When acting in the best interest of my client, my focus is on building and enhancing long term relationships that are built on trustworthiness and reliability.

Upholding safety, health and welfare of the public

As a competent practitioner who is proficient in what I do, I have the required insight and understanding into the laws, codes and principles governing safety, health and welfare of the public within my area of responsibility. I therefore ensure that the work I complete is compliant with these laws, codes and principles to ensure the well-being of my client, as well as the public that I affect.

Remaining in good standing

As a practitioner in this industry, I need to remain in good standing in terms of the laws governing South Africa. I also need to ensure that I abide by the codes set out by international counterparts within this industry.

Finally, it is important that I realize that the certificates, logos and marks entrusted to me as a member of SACIA remain their property. Should, for any reason, our relationship be terminated, I am responsible to return this property to their care.

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