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2.2.5 CertifiedTLE Practitioner


An individual applying for the CertTLE Practitioner designation should be able to demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of the technology used in the theatre and live events industry. They should also demonstrate their comprehensive understanding of safety issues related to this field, as well as the regulatory framework that applies to the theatre and live events industry.


  • Use the designator (CertTLE Prac) behind their name
  • Participate in SACIA events at discounted rates
  • Offer employers and colleagues assurance of commitment to the theatre and live events industry
  • Subscription to the SACIA code of Professional Conduct
  • Participation in a CPD programmes – as prescribed by SACIA
  • Be listed on the National Learners’ Record Database.

Qualifying criteria

The candidate must:

  • be in good standing in the industry
  • have at least 3 years’ experience working in the theatre and live events industry. Individuals working on a freelance basis should demonstrate that they have worked a minimum 105 days in each year.
  • be a member of SACIA
  • have gained an appropriate NQF registered qualification at NQF 5 or equivalent
  • Gained an endorsement from a person of good standing within the theatre and live events industry


Applicants should complete an online examination (TLE002) that will test both the breadth and depth of their knowledge across a range of competencies specific to theatre and live events industry.

Recognition of Prior Learning

SACIA’s certification council recognize that many of the existing and future applicants for this designation will not hold an underlying NQF-level 5 qualification. The Council will encourage individual’s lacking such a qualification to apply for a professional designation if they can demonstrate at least 6 years’ relevant work experience in the theatre and live events industry. An assessment will be conducted by a body of subject matter experts.

Continuing professional development (CPD) requirements

Designated members are required to:

  • maintain annual membership of SACIA
  • subscribe to the SACIA Code of Professional Conduct
  • comply with the CPD requirements as stipulated by SACIA

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