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Promoting professional standards and ethical business practice in the communications industry throughout Southern Africa.

Professional Recognition Framework

The professional recognition framework supports the objectives of SACIA in professionalization of the communications industry.  Designations are based on an assessment of an individual’s education, work experience and workplace ethics. Individuals applying for a designation also need to complete an examination or assessment and provide a portfolio of evidence supporting their claim of competence.
Bearing in mind the diverse nature of our designations, different requirements are established for each designation.

Professional Designations

Each of the designations is awarded through an assessment of the individual’s good standing, educational qualifications and experience within the industry. 

Each designation is defined by different requirements.  These are included as the guiding principles against which the designations are awarded. This section also provides an overview of the qualifying criteria for each designation, the process used by SACIA to award the designation, the requirements to maintaining the designation, and the circumstances that will lead to a designation being revoked.

It is important to note that Professional designations are awarded at the discretion of the SACIA board. In considering the award of a professional designation, the SACIA Board will be advised by our various Councils and affiliate partners who will evaluate both the breadth and depth of a candidate’s skillset.

  1. A candidate with fundamental knowledge should demonstrate minimum required knowledge/ skill to comply with standards. 
  2. A candidate with informed knowledge should demonstrate more than average knowledge/ skill in areas of specialization. He/she should be able to perform more complex assignments without supervision.
  3. A candidate with detailed knowledge should demonstrate extended/ progressed knowledge/ skill in specialised areas that usually comes with years of experience.

SAQA recognition and registration

The South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) is the oversight body of the National Qualifications Framework (NQF) and the custodian of its values and quality character. One of SAQA’s functions is to recognise professional bodies and register professional designations. SACIA is recognised as a professional body by SAQA and all individuals awarded a designation are listed on the National Learners’ Records Database (NLRD).

Revoking a designation

In order to maintain a professional designation, members need to maintain membership in SACIA, abide by a code of professional conduct, and participate in a programme of Continuing Professional Development. Members who do not maintain membership in SACIA, who fail to participate in a programme of Continuing Professional Development or who are found to be in breach of the SACIA code of professional conduct will have their designation revoked.

NQF level descriptors

To ensure coherence in learning achievements the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) have developed a National Qualifications Framework against which all qualifications and part-qualifications are assessed.

Whilst professional designations are not assigned an NQF level, they are underpinned by an appropriate NQF-level qualification and our assessment assumes a level of knowledge and learning achievement that is appropriate at that level. NQF level descriptors provide a scaffold around which our designations have been developed.

SADC Regional Qualifications Framework

The SADCQF is a reference framework consisting of 10 Regional Qualifications Framework (RQF) Levels based on learning outcomes which will provide a regional benchmark for qualifications and quality assurance (QA) mechanisms in SADC. Member States are encouraged to align their qualifications and QA mechanisms with the SADCQF. Alignment will be enabled by mutual trust and recognition of achievement at a regional level. It is also envisaged that regional alignment would enable individuals to make comparisons of their learning and competence levels and would reduce unnecessary duplication of learning and effort when moving through SADC for study or work purposes.
In developing our designations we have aligned them with the SADC Technical Committee on Certification and Accreditation (TCCA), a body of experts drawn from the 15 member states.

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