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Promoting professional standards and ethical business practice in the communications industry throughout Southern Africa.

The Pro-Audio Council is the latest special interest group to be established within SACIA, specifically to develop a new professional designation for industry professionals working across the audio sector. The new designation (under development) is based on broad competencies related to audio production. It will be relevant to individuals working in audio production and post-production, including audio for film and outside broadcast, audio recording, live sound, etc. 

Members are required to adhere to a code of conduct that guides their actions and are expected to align their professional activities and practices to the legislation, standards and bylaws applicable to the pro-audio industry. Members are also required to participate in a programme of continuing professional development (CPD) that keeps them up to date with the trends and technologies shaping the future of the audio sector. 

The Pro-Audio Council is elected from amongst those SACIA members involved in the pro-audio sector, and each elected member serves for two years. Current council members include Tinus Smit (chair), Keith Davies (vice-chair), Cristo Hattingh, Mark Malherbe, Grant Harris, JP Chetty, Quinton Davis, and Tara Senior. Kevan Jones serves as Executive Director.

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