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Promoting professional standards and ethical business practice in the communications industry throughout Southern Africa.

Code of Conduct

All SACIA Corporate members are required uphold the laws of South Africa and the spirit of the Constitution. They are also required to sign up to the SACIA Business Code. This indicates a commitment to higher standards of ethics and service, and to be held accountable to those standards. We aim for the SACIA logo to be synonymous with trust and quality.

We know what we do

We are committed to excellence in what we do. We strive to be at the forefront of developments in our specific field of expertise. We take pride in the work we do, we know our products and provide professional solutions in line with our clients’ needs.

We deliver what we promise

We commit to being dependable business partners. We keep the commitments we make, and will not say we can do something which we cannot. We will take personal responsibility for honouring our commitments.

We do honest and fair business

We subscribe to the highest standards of ethics in our business conduct.

We will not engage in dealings that are corrupt, dishonest or questionable. We will let our clients know where we have a conflict of interests, and will not hold out our advice as being objective where it is not.

We are always careful not to engage in anti-competitive practices. Where we compete for work, we do so fairly.

We respect intellectual property.

We treat all people with dignity and respect.

We believe that abiding by these standards will lead to more professional and more trusting business relationships.

If you believe that any member has failed to live up to this code you can lodge a complaint by sending an email to

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