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Promoting professional standards and ethical business practice in the communications industry throughout Southern Africa.

The SACIA student council was established in 2019, focusing on providing a career development path for young people starting their career in the broadcast, entertainment, and events industry. We maintain on-campus student chapters at several Universities, including Tshwane University of Technology, North-West University, Academy of Sound Engineering, AFDA, University of Johannesburg, University of the Witwatersrand, and the Vaal University of Technology.

Our objective is to provide guidance and mentorship to young persons early in their careers and create work-integrated learning opportunities that offer practical work experience for students and apprenticeship opportunities for young graduates.

Membership is open to students involved in any formal study programme and young graduates working in an apprenticeship programme.

Unfortunately, our student activities have been severely hit by the corona pandemic, with many students working from home. Under these circumstances, we have not yet elected our 2022 student council.

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96 The Bridles, 777 Douglas Crescent, Sundowner, 2188

+27 11 083 6418,

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